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An Online Shop is perfect for people who want to sell products online, on their own website. With the Online Shop Package we build you the platform in which you can sell anything, from anywhere. Whether you have physical products such as shoes and clothes or downloadable products such as PDF’s and books, we can make it happen. You are not limited with products, and you can add as many as you want.

E-Commerce Website Packages allows you to easily create your own online shop, on a website that you can manage with minimal effort. The interface is clean and modern, and it supports multiple products and different types of product features.

What if you could sell anything, from anywhere?

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What is Website Tracking?

The purpose of website tracking is to gather information on what content is most used, how users interact with a site (such as clicking links), and other site metrics like traffic, search engine rankings and more.

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Payment Gateway

A payment gateway provides all of the functionality needed to accept credit card, electronic check and other forms of payments. A payment gateway will provide a checkout page where the customer enters their payment details and authorizes payment on the merchant’s website.


Shopify is the leading cloud based, multi channel ecommerce solution for small and medium sized businesses. Shopify offer a powerful suite of tools to help you design, set-up, and manage your own online store through our Shopify or Shopify Plus platforms.


WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It helps you sell physical products, digital downloads, services and memberships. With WooCommerce you can enable features such as coupons, discount codes, commission-based selling and more.