Digital Marketing

The Key to Online Success

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that everything can be tracked and monitored. This means that you can accurately measure your return on investment. Once you have your website, your next step should be Digital Marketing, the key to online success.

Email Marketing, Google Adwords, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Bulk SMS Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are great ways to take your website to the next level.

Questions we get asked about Digital Marketing

What is keyword research in content writing?

Keyword research unlocks insights that help you see the behaviors and interests of your potential customers. Based on what they’re searching, you can better determine which search terms you should optimize and target in your website and blog content with the goal of ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

What is Website Tracking?

The purpose of website tracking is to gather information on what content is most used, how users interact with a site (such as clicking links), and other site metrics like traffic, search engine rankings and more.

Terms and phrases associated with Digital Marketing

AB Split Testing

AB Split Testing is the process of comparing results from two or more different versions of variables (Web page, email etc). For example you would send the same email to your mailing list, but 50% of your list would receive an email with different headings and call to actions, you can see from this what people respond to more.

Anti Spam

The Email Marketing Package is committed to a 0% spam tolerance policy. We provide a number of features to ensure that all our users abide by the email marketing best practices.


Our email marketing software allows you set up auto-responder messages, which will be sent when your email is read, or your client performs a certain action. Triggers: Use triggers to create automatic actions based on a mail that has been sent. Triggers can be used in conjunction with autoresponders.

Contact Management

Easily manage your contacts by automatically updating the opt-in, unsubscribe & bounce process. Keeping a clean & legal contact database.