Logo Design

Logo design is one of the most important areas of Graphic Design. Having a professional logo designed is vital and will help your brand be recognized in the sea of graphic noise.

Included in our logo design service:

  • Logo Drafts
  • Hi Res & Low Res Formats
  • Conceptualizing
  • Photo Re-touching
  • Concept Drawing
  • Illustration & Artworks

Questions we get asked about Logo Design

What is a High Res Image?

Hi-res images are images that have a large amount of pixels per inch (PPI) They generally have at least 300 pixels ppi. High resolution images are good for print quality, and is a requirement for anything that you want high quality printing of, especially to represent your brand or other important printed materials.

What is a Low Res image?

"Low resolution" is a relative term. Compared to a high-resolution image, low-resolution images have fewer pixels, higher compression, or both. They sacrifice quality of the image for a smaller file size.

Terms and phrases associated with Logo Design

CI – Corporate Identity

A CI or corporate identity design document defines your organisiations “brand language”. It defines what your brand looks like, feels like and what it is associated with. A corporate identity ensures consistency through all the various communication and marketing design assets.