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Navigating The Digital Jungle: Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is often referred to just as CI, and it is the way in which a business presents themselves to the public. Every Company needs Corporate Identity in order to look professional and become memorable.

What Is Corporate Identity?

Corporate Identity is basically the combination of a Company’s logo and all the colour schemes and visuals that go with it. This also includes business cards, letterheads, email signatures, brochures, brand manuals and so forth.

The Corporate Identity Process

The Corporate Identity process starts off by defining who you are as a Company. You need to brainstorm and research your Industry to see where you stand. Put all your thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper and start mapping out your vision, mission and what your values are as a Company.

Once you have all that in order the graphic design process comes into play. It is always best to outsource your graphic design if you do not have a dedicated department for it in house.

All your ideas, Company values and research will then be looked at from a Graphic Design perspective. A plan will be made to incorporate the right colour schemes that fit into your Company according to the research.

Once colour schemes have been carefully chosen, the process of creating a logo will start. Your logo is arguably the most important part of your CI as this is your brand’s emblem and image. The logo will be carefully conceptualized according, once again, to your Company’s research and ideas.

Once a colour scheme and logo has been approved, more graphic design work will take place. This can include designing business cards, email signatures, pamphlets, manuals, brochures and more. These will all revolve around your CI structure that has been established; with your logo and colour schemes being integrated into every bit of branding that will be done.

Your CI is how people will look at your Company, so it needs to be done professionally and effectively. Research is a big part of creating your Corporate Identity, and the graphic design process will match the research done into something that fits into your business perfectly.

Understanding Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is important for any business and is a must have. Your Corporate Identity should never change, unless you go through a re-branding process. Customers and potential clients will recognize your Company based on your Corporate Identity, so it is important to have a professional and great looking CI. It also incorporates your mission, vision, Company name and slogan.

How To Use Corporate Identity?

Your Corporate Identity is divided into three sub categories:

  • Corporate design – website, logo. Company colours etc.
  • Corporate communication – advertising, public relations etc.
  • Corporate behaviour – Company values, standard procedures etc.

Your Corporate Identity is more than just your business cards… It revolves around your entire Company and Brand, and you should be proud of your CI and use it accordingly.

You should present yourself in a professional manner, and market your Brand by using your Corporate Identity. Add your logo, Company name and slogan to your office décor, your work shirts, your office building and on your stationery.

You can also present beautifully designed brochures, presentations and portfolios to your clients using your Corporate Identity.

Use your corporate colours throughout all the marketing processes you follow, people will start to recognize your brand based on the colours of your Company.

Why You Should Use Corporate Identity?

Having a strong and professional corporate identity is key for a number of reasons:

  1. It shows that you are a well established Company
  2. It can attract more clients
  3. It increases your credibility
  4. It helps you stand out in your industry
  5. It brands your Company
  6. If you are a smaller business, it makes you look larger
  7. It gives your clients a sense of stability
  8. It can help describe your Company and what you do/what you are about
  9. It helps you gain trust
  10. You can increase your prices because you look more professional
  11. It can help with lead generation

What Are The Terms & Concepts That Are Related To Corporate Identity?

  • Business Cards: Small cards that include your contact details and website address, amongst other information.
  • Logo: An image that represents you, your brand or your Company.
  • Slogan: Your Company’s motto.

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