Vinyl Wall Art

Vinyl Wall Art Direct Website Design

Who Are Vinyl Wall Art Direct?

Vinyl Wall Art Direct is a creative Company that is based in Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa. They specialize in a variety of products that cater for wall art. Vinyl Wall Art Direct deals with a variety of different products, in which they install or add to the wall of your Office or home. They specialize in Acrylic Printing, Canvas Printing, Wall Art Vinyl’s and Wallpapers. They have extensive experience in covering all sorts of different categories, such as Nature, Holidays and Celebrations, Skylines and Wildlife. They also do custom wall art at your request, and can do absolutely anything and everything…

What Waxed Media Did For Vinyl Wall Art Direct?

Waxed Media built a fully functional ecommerce online shop for Vinyl Wall Art Direct. You can order your wall art to spec, i.e. you can choose what layout you want and the size of your wall art or wallpaper. You can customize your chosen wall art to the exact specifications and dimensions you need. Waxed Media also added a security plugin as well as an SSL certificate that prevents hacks and makes the website more secure.