Trocraft Website Design

Who Are Trocraft?

Trocraft is a leading distributor of Scrap booking Products in South Africa. Our journey into the craft market began as we supply TRODAT stamps to the market place. We started producing art stamps for the art stamping industry pioneers using the same technology as that used to manufacture our business stamps. Initially ink pads, embossing powders and heat tools were the bread and butter of the industry. Now we have so many tools we have a separate division and dedicated staff for our art range.

What Waxed Media Did For Trocraft?

Waxed Media built a fully custom E-commerce WordPress website that sells a variety of stationery and stamp items. This online shop is fully mobile responsive and accepts payments via the iVeri and PayFast payment gateways. The website handles 10's of 1000's of products and was built up from scratch.