DC1 Outlet

DC1 Outlet Website Design

Who Are The DC1 Outlet?

DC1 Outlet is an online store that specializes in selling shoes. They have a variety of high quality brands such as: Butterfly Feet, Mazerata, Miss Black, Rock & Co, UBRT and Urbanart.

DC1 Outlet is located in Sandton, and they always have some form of special on their name brand shoes.

What Waxed Media Did For DC1 Outlet?

Waxed Media built a CMS website that serves as an online e-commerce store. We populated the dummy content in order for the client to be able to easily populate their products, change pricing, images and content.

The website has been integrated for online payment systems, such as PayFast. Currently the website is just serving as a price and special reference for clients, but all the necessities have been put in place in order for this website to become a fully blown online shopping platform.