Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity Package | Logos, Business Cards & Letterheads

The Corporate Identity Package, also known as the CI Package, covers everything you would need for your Company from a graphic design perspective. Corporate Identity (Brand Identity) is important for any Company or Business. The Corporate Identity Package will help you keep the flow of your business together. It is important that everything matches up in your CI, and it is a vital part of your marketing efforts, where you create brand awareness based on your Corporate Identity.

Everything needs to be the same, whether it is your letterhead or your logo. This is where our vast experience and expertise comes in handy; we can help you create the perfect Corporate Identity. Your Corporate Identity is the face of your business and is what people will remember when they think of your Business.

To develop your Corporate Identity a lot of research and time is taken into using the right colours, shapes and text that are relevant to your industry.

Having a good Corporate Identity has been proven to build customer bases, enhance business and increase customer loyalty. Have the right CI, is just as important as having a modern and up to date website.


Business Cards

Business Cards are essential for any Company or person within that Company. A business card is a small card-like representation of who you are and includes details such as your name, occupation, contact number, email address and website address.

Digital Letterheads

Letterheads for your documents are an important part of your corporate identity. They can be used on a variety of documents and even on your Invoices. It keeps the flow of your business going in the right direction. They can be used on Word documents, or as email signatures for example.

Logo Design

Logo design is one of the most important areas of Graphic Design. Having a professional logo designed is vital and will help your brand be recognized in the sea of graphic noise.

Included are:

  • Logo Drafts
  • Hi Res & Low Res Formats
  • Conceptualizing
  • Photo Re-touching
  • Concept Drawing
  • Illustration & Artworks

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