Domain Registration

Domain Name Price (Excluding VAT) – Annual Invoice R250
.com R400 R250
.org R400
.online R1000
.net R550
.africa R550
.capetown R260
.joburg R260
.durban R260 R250 R550
.global R2500
.co R850
.shop R850
.site R800
.biz R600
.info R700
.mobi R800
.travel R3500
.agency R1200
.digital R1200
.tech R1800
.app R600
.me R600
.tv R1000
.de R400
.eu R400
.cc R550
.top R350
.xyz R450

What is Domain Registration?

Domain registration is the process of acquiring a unique web address, or domain name, which will serve as your website’s online identity. A domain name is the address that internet users will type into their browser to access your website. Examples of domain names include, .com, .org, and many more, each serving different purposes and geographic locations.

When you register a domain, you secure the rights to use that name for your website for a specified period, usually one year. This process involves selecting an available domain name and paying an annual fee to a domain registrar to maintain your rights to that domain. Renewal of the domain registration fee is necessary each year to ensure continued ownership and accessibility of your domain name.

Having a registered domain is crucial for establishing a professional online presence, improving your website’s credibility, and making it easier for customers to find your business online.

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