Tozer Studio

An Overview Of Tozer Studio

Tozer Studio is the illustration division of Tozer Advertising which is a Digital Agency based in Bruma Johannesburg.

Tozer Studio's staff members custom draw a variety of characters, landscapes and basically anything you could think of. Their experienced and dedicated team of illustrators are on a World class level.

Tozer Studio officially started in 2016, after it branched off from Tozer advertising, which has been running for a long time. Great, proffesional work that you will struggle to find from an illustrative perspective anywhere in South Africa.

What Tozer Studio said about us...

Waxed Media host both our websites and have done a superb job of developing our Tozer Studio website.

Thanks to all the developers at Waxed, we look forward to carrying on a great working relationship!

Work we did for Tozer Studio