An Overview Of TBBC

The TBBC is The Brand And Beverage Company, and they help Township communities and Spaza shops reach their maximum potential. This emerging market has more than 200,000 spazas and 60,000 licensed taverns. Being able to maximise sales opportunities in the townships, to gain brand awareness and brand visibility, can be daunting. As a retail sales and brand marketing specialist, they are proud to say that they have explored the territory and are known for assisting their clients to increase their brand value, awareness and visibility in this vibrant market. As the brand partner of choice, they offer our clients a start-to-end sales, merchandising and distribution solution which includes, brand value chain (availability and visibility), controlled route-to-market, price management, category management, stock management, product quality management, promotions, activations, shopper interaction and customer education.

Work we did for TBBC