Air Tec

An Overview Of Air Tec

Air Tec provides world class aviation services often in difficult to reach and challenging regions. Their core business is providing turnkey solutions to customers around the globe who need aircraft and crews. They do this in the form of ACMI (Aircraft Crew Maintenance and Insurance) leases. Additionally they provide a diverse range of services in support of aviation activities for those who do want to own and operate aircraft. They do this in the form of aircraft sales, maintenance, spares, training of pilots and engineers.

Their fleet comprises over 25 aircraft. Most of these are Let L410/420 STOL aircraft, which makes them one of the biggest Let410 operators globally. Air Tec is the approved Global wide distributor of Let Aircraft and has a lot of expertise with Let products. Supporting these aircraft they have a dedicated team of pilots and engineers who are qualified and continuously trained to international standards.

Work we did for Air Tec